Analysts expect social casino games to hit $1.6 billion in worldwide revenue this year and grow to $2.4 billion by 2015, according to a new report.

Social casino games are coming out of the woodwork and gamers are turning to them avidly on Facebook. SuperData, an online games research firm, has backed up those impressions with data that confirms that the market is hot.

The average social casino gamer spent $78 in July; this was about 1.8 times more than the average social gamer, who spent $43. Those numbers refer to the average revenue per paying user, not all users, as most users don’t pay anything in a free-to-play game.

SuperData says the U.S. is the largest market with $660 million in annual spending, followed by Europe ($446 million) and Asia ($311 million). Latin America spends $180.7 million on social games, while Australia spends $59.8 million. The number of monthly social casino players in the U.S. is 35.4 million.

The report breaks down the categories within the social casino genre as Slots, Poker, and Table Games. The number of players has doubled since 2010.

“Both small social game developers and large land-based casino operators are looking at this new space,” said Janelle Benjamin, SuperData’s vice president of research, “With declining margins in the overall social games segment, casino-style games offer a healthy growth potential.” SuperData bases its findings on its unique panel of over one million paying online gamers.