Intoxicating indie rock band The xx and Microsoft have released a brilliant visualization app that tracks how a stream of the band’s new album Coexist spread virally around the world.

The visualization shows how music spreads insanely fast around the world thanks to social networks and email. The xx originally shared the link to a single fan, and soon after that person shared with friends, the number of people listening to the album stream explodes on the visualizer.

The Coexist visualization app is built in HTML5, as Microsoft (and many other companies) is trying to push more web developers and publishers to have their sites work without plug-ins.

“The Coexist site is built exclusively in HTML5, and we’ve engineered the experience to work plug-in free on all modern browsers, and in particular Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8,” Microsoft marketing manager Steve Lake wrote on Microsoft’s blog. “As with each project we undertake, this is yet another opportunity to step back and rethink what’s possible on the web. With The xx, it was about blending music, art, and technology – creating beauty in simplicity.”

Coexist is available for purchase today in the U.S. and streaming on Spotify. Based on a few listens, it’s easily one of my favorite albums to be released this year.