Sometimes aliens aren’t the bigger threat — humans are.

Electronic Arts and Insomniac Games are developing Fuse (formerly called Overstrike), a four-person co-op shooter announced today. The game introduces players to elite agents Dalton Brooks, Izzy Sinclair, Jacob Kimble, and Naya Deveraux, who protect mankind from the titular alien technology.

In the game, players — as members of the Overstrike 9 contact team — must prevent a rogue paramilitary operation called Raven from stealing the classified Fuse energy source. The threat soon becomes a global one, leading the team all over the world.

Each agent has different skills and weapons (including those powered by the volatile extraterrestrial substance), and you can play each of them using the game’s “LEAP” feature, which switches between characters during combat. Players can also earn Fuse points for upgrades by completing objectives and killing enemies. Offline or online, you can open up character paths and unlock Fuse-driven abilities in a progression system linked between different modes, so you can level up regardless of how you play.

“Fuse demonstrates what Insomniac does best: outlandish and gruesome weapon design, over-the-top action, and a touch of humor,” said Ted Price, the founder and chief executive officer of Insomniac, in a statement.  “We’re especially excited to see how players utilize lethal teamwork by combining their Fuse weapons to stop a deadly arms race.”

Fuse is releasing for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in March 2013. It is Insomniac’s first multiplatform release. The developer also created the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance franchises.

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