Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament


Update: These polls are now closed. Look for the 32 character tournament to start soon.

GamesBeat has come up with the perfect way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of arguably the greatest fighting game series ever. We’ve created a massive, comprehensive list of 92 characters from Street Fighter, and now we want you to help us pick the ultimate World Warrior.

So, how are we going to whittle down this giant roster until just one is left standing? First, we have the deadly preliminaries. Why deadly? Because only 32 of the entrants will survive them! Below are eight polls randomly filled with the combatants. We need you to pick your four favorite fighters from each. From that, we’ll create a tournament bracket of 32 characters who will face each other in 1-on-1 polls until we have a final winner.

We’ve included every fighter from the four core Street Fighter games, the Alpha and EX series, and all of their updated versions (like Super Street Fighter II). We’ve also included some characters from lesser-known titles in the franchise, like 1995’s Street Fighter: The Movie, a game based off a movie based off a game (not confusing at all). We’ve also added roster members from Capcom’s Final Fight series, an arcade beat-em-up franchise set in the same universe as Street Fighter, but only if they also appeared as playable characters in an official Street Fighter game.

We’ll have the results of the preliminaries and start the bracketed tournament on September 20. You can follow GamesBeat on Twitter to stay on top of the proceedings.

Now then, to the polls! Remember, pick four from each. Next to the characters’ names in parentheses are the games that they first appeared in. Have fun!