Madden NFL 13 - Jets

With the NFL season now in full swing, it’s time to talk numbers. While this means obsessing over fantasy football stats for many fans, for developer EA Sports it’s all about how many games people are playing in Madden NFL 13.

EA Sports released an animated infographic (embedded below) that contains a trove of mind-boggling numbers. Since its launch on August 28, Madden players have put thousands of hours into its online head-to-head mode, playing 81,516,738 games against one another. The honor for the most-used team goes to the San Francisco 49ers at 396,254 (who were in fine form in last Sunday’s 30-22 win over the Green Bay Packers), followed by the Philadelphia Eagles at 351,551. Other stats show the most popular online matchups, which accurately reflect the real-world results from the first week of the NFL:

  • 11,151 games of the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants, with the Cowboys winning 57 percent of the time. (Last week, the Cowboys beat the Giants 24-17.)
  • 3,994 games of the Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints, with Redskins winning 53 percent of the time. (Last Sunday, the Redskins won 40-32 over the Saints.)
  • 3,142 games of the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens, with Ravens winning 51 percent of the time. (On Monday, the Ravens clobbered the Bengals in a 44-13 win)

And for tonight’s game between the Chicago Bears and the Packers, EA Sports predicts that cheeseheads will soon be celebrating a decisive victory, based on its 54 percent winning rate in 8,637 matches between the two teams.