For those of you who have never owned a quality pair of earbuds, here’s your chance.

Most sensible people snag a serviceable set for $20, but are earbuds really the place to skimp? With smartphones, tablets, flights, fitness crazes, and on-the-go lifestyles people are consistently phoned in. For only $15 more you could improve your listening experience ten-fold! These Moxy earbuds are the closest you can get to bulky high-fi earmuffs, but at a fraction of the size and cost. Worried about durability? Bodyquardz replaces the generally cheap plastic of other earbuds with an ultra-lightweight aluminum encasement scientifically angled for a perfect fit and flawless sound that lasts. When not in use, toss them in the hard case and zip ’em up for added protection.

The bass these little guys produce is incredible, and you don’t need to pump rap or techno to take advantage of it. Movies on your laptop or tablet sound as if you’re in a theater. The Moxy earbuds also include a mic so you can keep those hands free while on a business call or catching up with friends. A multibud tip kit is included as well to ensure the earbuds stay put our more outdoorsy, athletic fans.

Realistically, think about how frequently you utilize headphones. Considering earbuds as an object you insert into your head for multiple hours a day, is this really where you want to practice frugality?

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