Yesssss! I got one! I got one! OK, no, I don’t. But I held one — for five minutes. OK, I watched a guy hold one for five minutes.

I know you’ve heard about this thing called the iPhone 5. In case you haven’t seen enough of it, we’ve got a video showing the device up close.

Well, I was able to claw my way into the hands-on room where Apple showed off the iPhone 5. The video is narrated by one of Apple’s geniuses, who was not only responsible for explaining the device to me but also preventing me from putting it in my pocket. You can tell by the slow response of the iPhone 5 that there was plenty of contention for the relatively limited bandwidth of the wireless network. But the faster the network, the faster the videos and other screens will appear. In our video, you can check out features such as the maps, widescreen videos, the redesigned iTunes Store, Siri’s sports knowledge, the new Siri-driven Open Table app, and more. Here’s the video.

iPhone 5 demo: up close and hands-on from Venturebeat on Vimeo.

I’ve also embedded Apple’s own slick video explaining the features of the iPhone 5. Okay, their production values are a little sweeter. But hey, there was such a long line of media waiting to see the iPhone 5 that I had to do my video in one shaky shot. The thunderous applause by the media and attendees — for the Apple produced video — is not to be missed.

Apple’s video explaining the iPhone 5 from Venturebeat on Vimeo.
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