A revised patent application from Apple published today suggests that the company’s voice command feature Siri is heading for the desktop, reports Patently Apple.

Siri first debuted last year as one of the most buzzworthy features included on Apple’s iPhone 4S. It goes beyond a simple voice recognition tool, providing iPhone (and iPad) owners with a way to search their contact information, weather, locations, and other utility information that normally required the use of several apps or a web search engine. Currently, the feature is only available on mobile devices. But the new patent suggests that it could end up on the next model of Apple’s all-in-one iMac PC.

The move would definitely make sense for Apple. The company hasn’t released an upgrade for iMacs since May 2011, and many speculated that Apple would make an announcement during its iPhone event earlier in the week. Plus, adding Siri to the iMac would make the product stand out as distinct from Apple’s other desktop PCs

Apple could be waiting to release a new iMac in late October, which is the same time it plans on releasing its new simplified, product-focused version of iTunes. Usually Apple releases its big iTunes updates to coincide with new versions of its iOS operating system or products, so it’s entirely possible.

The revised patent describes “Electronic Devices with Voice Command and Contextual Data Processing Capabilities” and specifically mentions that the functionality includes controlling a media platform as well as downloading, purchasing, and recommending songs.

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