Wipeout 2048 dev lives

This morning, someone updated the official Twitter and Facebook accounts for the PlayStation Vita game Wipeout 2048 to read: “We. Are. Alive.” This is the first post on the Facebook page since Studio Liverpool, which created the game, posted a farewell message after the developer’s owner, Sony Computer Entertainment, closed it on August 22.

After Sony shut down Studio Liverpool, it retained the rights to the Wipeout franchise. This message could refer to upcoming downloadable content or some other announcement related to the Wipeout series with no relation to the defunct, United Kingdom-based studio.

Although, the wording of “We. Are. Alive” seems to suggest that Studio Liverpool.¬†Although the wording of We. Are. Alive” suggests that Studio Liverpool could be amid a resurrection.

We’ve contacted Sony and Studio Liverpool to determine the details of this message, but neither company has not provided any information at the time of this post.

Before its closure, Studio Liverpool was reportedly developing an open-world stealth title and a new Wipeout, both of which were scheduled to launch on the rumored PlayStation 4. Those games were apparently scrapped. If the developer has reopened its doors, it’s unclear what the fate of those previously canceled titles will be.

For 28 years, Studio Liverpool (formerly developer Psygnosis) released dozens of games. While best known for the Wipeout series, the dev is also beloved for PlayStation 1-era classics like Colony Wars and Destruction Derby.

We’ll update as more information becomes available.