Netflix on the iPhone just got a whole lot prettier. The company released an updated iPhone app today that sports the same slick user interface as its latest iPad app, making it easier to find and watch streaming video.

The visual improvements are the first step towards priming the app for the iPhone 5 and its large 4-inch screen, which comes out Friday. Update: The app isn’t yet optimized for the iPhone 5’s display, but Netflix says another update will be coming soon to support it.

I’ve never had much of a reason to use Netflix on my iPhone, mainly because I don’t think a 3.5-inch screen is big enough to truly enjoy TV shows (and let’s not even get into movies). But the iPhone 5’s bigger display, together with fast 4G LTE speeds, could make Netflix even more tempting to watch on the smartphone.

The new Netflix app shows you the most recent items you’ve watched at the top of the main screen and presents recommendations below that. Compared to the past Netflix iPhone app, the new version feels faster and more fluid, while showing you even more choices. You can learn more about a title by tapping once, or double-tap to instantly start playback.

Take a look at the new Netflix iPhone experience in action below: