With Samsung’s Galaxy S III barely out the door, rumors were already saying that the company would release its next its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S 4, at the Mobile World Congress next February.

Apparently, those rumors are completely untrue. In a tweet yesterday (translation), Samsung dismissed information from the Korea Times, which claimed to have spoken to both parts suppliers and unnamed Samsung officials about the Galaxy S 4 launch.

The rumors did, however, seem somewhat plausible, since Samsung is now fighting against the new iPhone 5. Also, unlike Apple, Samsung doesn’t limit their products to a one-year life cycle, as VentureBeat’s Ricardo Bilton previously pointed out.

My guess is that the recent Samsung/Apple IP legal battle probably upset all of Samsung’s future timeline for product releases. If Samsung was originally intending to release its new Galaxy S 4 phone in February 2013, it might be pushing it back a bit to make sure it won’t face future lawsuits from Apple.