Sony said today it’s launch its PlayStation Store for PlayStation Mobile devices on Oct. 3. It also announced that Fujitsu and Sharp is joining the PlayStation Certified license program, which means they can create smartphones with PlayStation Mobile games running on them.

PlayStation Mobile is Sony’s attempt to spread its PlayStation-like games to a broader array of mobile devices beyond the ones that it makes. The PlayStation Mobile service debuts in nine countries — Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia — with more to follow. At launch, users can play 30 games from genres including adventure, action, puzzle, sports, and simulation at prices ranging from 50 yen to 850 yen (63 cents to $10.80 in U.S. dollars).

The official version of Sony’s PlayStation Mobile software development kit launches in November. Adding Fujitsu and Sharp extends the PlayStation experience to more smartphones and tablets around the world. Fujitsu is deploying PlayStation Mobile on its Arrows smartphones and tablets, while Sharp is doing the same on its products.

The PlayStation Mobile Developer Program enables developers to easily distribute their content through PlayStation Store on a commercial basis and market their games to millions of dedicated gamers with PlayStation Certified devices and PlayStation Vita, Sony said. The license agreement for the SDK is $99.