The Humble Indie Bundle

The latest Humble Indie Bundle is live.

Humble Indie Bundle is an occasional collection of games from independent developers. Fans can pay any price that they want to get access to the pack. The games are also free of digital-rights management and are playable across multiple platforms like Windows, OS X, and Linux. The proceeds are then split between the developers, advocacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and charity Child’s Play.

Torchlight, Rochard, Shatter, Vessel, and S.P.A.Z. are all packed in this latest bundle and are available for any price you wish to pay. Dustforce, a custodian-based platformer, is a bonus game for users who pay more than the current average, which is currently hovering near $5.

All of these games are available for the first time on the Linux operating system. Vessel, Shatter, and S.P.A.Z. are each also making their Mac debut.

Torchlight is an isometric loot-based action-role-playing game. It is similar to Diablo, and its sequel, Torchlight 2, is due out this week on PC. Rochard is a sci-fi platformer that gives players a weapon that can manipulate gravity to solve puzzles. Vessel is a puzzle-platformer with a steampunk art style and intricate physics engine. S.P.A.Z. (Space Pirates and Zombies) is a real-time strategy game set in the vacuum of space. Shatter is a block-breaking game similar to Arkanoid with a tweak on the mechanics that allows for a deeper manipulation of the physics. Dustforce stars four deadly custodians who must clean a world corrupted by dirt.

Since its start this morning, the bundle has already raised nearly $100,000.