Some of you may have noticed the recent pay-what-you-want model popularized by Humble Bundle. If not, it’s as simple as it sounds; buyers can purchase a collection of products at the price of their choice. The concept went over so well with developers and consumers that StackSocial has emulated their own version with indie Mac apps. The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle consists of up to nine applications that retail for $340. Though the recommended purchase price is $49, you can pay as little as a buck or break the bank — whatever you find fair.

As with other pay-what-you-want bundles the average price is determined by the market. If the buyer exceeds this price, they unlock three additional apps, including MacFlux 4, Typinator, and Forklift 2. In addition to the sale, buyers may choose between three possible charities to receive 10 percent of their purchase price. Read up on or randomly choose between the acclaimed organizations Stand Up To CancerCharity Water, or Electronic Frontier Foundation. Charity Water is currently doing some amazing work bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in Rwanda, but to each their own.

If you are interested in one of the offered apps, it’s only sensible to purchase it below retail price and sample five, if not eight, other applications in the process. StackSocial has arranged quite the variety of beneficial software applications for business and personal use. You get apps, developers get exposure, and charities receive donations, so everyone wins. Sounds like the perfect fit for Apple enthusiasts. It will be interesting to see how the how the pay-what-you-want platform performs outside of videogames and books.

Name your price here!