Making funny animated videos about the iPhone 5 has become a cottage industry. That’s why the guys who run, an online giveaway promotions platform, created their YouTube video The Great iPhone 5 heist.

Ismail Humet, a real estate analyst by day, and his friend Rob Corrado created the promotions platform and commissioned the video to promote it. The Long Island residents launched the video on Mashable and got about 30,000 views in the past five days, with thousands of positive tweets. That’s not huge, but it’s definitely good promotion for, which is giving away a free iPhone 5.

The video features a cute elf character, Shortbeard, who decides to break into Apple’s headquarters to steal an iPhone 5. Shortbeard has to deal with a few Apple goons and then heads for top-secret CEO’s office. The elf encounters none other than Steve Jobs (for some strange reason, he still occupies the CEO’s office and is still sore about the iPhone 4 prototype theft), who dispatches another good to take out Shortbeard.

It took a small army to create the video. Corrado and Humet created the script. Owlie Animations created the animations. Aswin Johnson created the music and sound effects. Lil Crazed created the theme song. After all, there is a lot out there to compete with, including this iPhone 5 parody.

Check out the exclusive extended version of the video below.