Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. Online shoppers can receive monthly deliveries of beauty products, foodie treats, shoes, jewelry, sex toys, and just about anything that series their fancy. Which brings me to my main point.

Pinterest-meets-ecommerce fashion site The Fancy is hopping on the subscription delivery truck. It will now offer crowd-curated monthly goodie bags.  The service costs $30 a month for what will allegedly be at least $60 worth of goodies. Members pick their favorite categories and then receive boxes with items picked by The Fancy community.

The social element is strong on The Fancy. It encourages members to search, discover, and share things that strike their fancy. They can browse through a massive collection of images, things as varied as stiletto pumps, cute puppies, or special dispenser that keeps soda fizzy. Clicking “Fancy It” on an image attaches it to a user’s profile, which are expressions of a “museum of Me.”

In addition to collecting images, pin board-style, people follow each other, comment on pictures, and can buy the items directly on the site. This is one of the ways the site distinguishes itself from Pinterest, which is purely social.

The subscription service uses the input of The Fancy community to curate the boxes, which feature the most “fancy’d” items in the selected categories. Obviously, this excludes animals, cars, and luxury getaway retreats, but it still has the potential to offer a fun and surprising collection of stuff.

Hundreds of brands are in the The Fancy’s platform. The company also has close connections to the fashion industry, and relationships with high fashion labels like Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent.

PPR is an investor, a $25 billion firm that owns major brands, as is Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. The Fancy has received $18 million total in funding. It is based in New York.