Audio service SoundCloud has updated its mobile apps on Android and iOS with a slew of new features aimed at improving a user’s ability to edit sound clips on the go.

SoundCloud is sort of like the YouTube for audio-only files. It has a about 20 million total users, with over 5 million of those actively using the service monthly. The new app takes advantage of SoundCloud’s mobile traffic. It offers users a new Pause/Resume mode, which can be helpful for someone who’s trying to transcribe a recorded speech/interview (e.g. journalists or musicians that need to pause for thought). The app also allows you to trim selections, allowing users to blindly start recording early, or mix songs that don’t start or end exactly as wanted.

Both the Android and iOS apps have one unique feature, which is strange since they’re both being released at the same time. The iOS app has a mode that lets you use your phone’s internal speaker (the one you press up against your ear when making a call), while the  Android version has a fade in/out mode.

The iOS and Android SoundCloud apps are available for free in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, respectively.