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Everybody needs love. Yes, even fictional characters. But where do our favorite heroes and villains from gaming go when they’re looking to find that special someone? Hey, this is the digital age! They’d go to a dating web site, of course! A place where gaming characters could search for their soul mates. Well, such a place could look something like Extra Hearts, our made-up dating site for fictional digital people.

This time, we look at Chell’s profile. Will the hero of Valve’s Portal series find true love online? Hopefully, she’s as good at romancing as she is at puzzle-solving.

Chell's dating profile

Likes: Large, open spaces.

Dislikes: Science, quitters, sarcasm, the color orange, and science.

Background: I’m just getting back on the dating scene after spending a significant amount of time enslaved in an underground lab by a crazy artificial computer. Years of isolation may have made me a little socially awkward, but I’m sure we can get past that.

Also, could you bring me some clothes?

Favorite Movies: The Great Escape, Escape from New York, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, The Shawshank Redemption, and The Escapist. Love of 2001: A Space Odyssey is a deal-breaker.

Six things I could never do without: My “Aperture Science Advanced Knee Replacements.”

My best friend, the Companion Cube. I <3 you back, buddy!

The portal gun. This thing’s a lifesaver when I have a hard-to-reach itch on my back.

That’s kind of it. I haven’t had many possessions lately.

You should message me if: You’re willing to give me plenty of space.


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