Does strolling through the city in a mankini appeal to you? Or showering in a public fountain? If not, you should probably stay away from Klash, the “mobile app for challenges and dares” that just launched two days ago.

Klash is a gamification platform for life, except much more fun than that sounds.

The team behind the app — a polyglot group including an Italian, a Turk, and an Austrian — met in Barcelona and moved to Berlin with zero programming experience and just the nub of an idea: to turn dares and challenges into memorable social media moments.

In Berlin they won the StartUpWeekend Berlin 2011 competition, found a CTO, and built both a web app and an iPhone app. Which co-founder Allessandro Petrucciani (no points for guessing his nationality) promptly pitched to Jason Calacanis in a mankini, probably on a dare from his Klash colleagues.

And that’s how the app works: connect to your friends, dare them to do silly things like moonwalk through all the crosswalks they pass, and follow, track, and share the results

I spoke to one co-founder Alex Napetschnig — the not-crazy one, as I found out — via Skype about the app.

And here’s Klash’s current, humorous launch video

photo credit: MSVG via photo pin cc