What a week it’s been! Here’s what happened:

  • Occupy protesters took to Apple store lines to get the word out about the iPhone 5 being a capitalist pig or something.
  • iOS 6 is a thing now, and we had plenty of time to poke, prod, review, and complain about it, as you do.
  • Dreamforce brought 60,000 guys in Brooks Brothers suits to the streets of San Francisco. At the conference, the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined the likes of Metallica and the Foo Fighters on our growing list of middle-aged-or-older tech-sellout bands.
  • Twitter got historical with its data licensing.
  • Facebook seriously ramped up its mobile releases, promising new apps every month or two from now on.
  • MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis schooled us on excellence in 3D printing.

This weekend, the VentureBeat staff will begin training in lightsaber combat. Consider yourselves warned.