For the rest of today, every story you read in VentureBeat’s main news river will be based on reporting by our staff.

This is an experiment, and it’s probably less of a risk than it might look. Reporting has always been central to VentureBeat’s approach. In fact, a huge number of our stories on any given day already include original reporting. Our reporters call sources, check facts, and get quotes for a large proportion of our stories.

But like most other tech news sites, we also report on stories that other sites have covered, sometimes without adding reporting of our own. We figure there are stories you want to know about and which we can add some perspective on, even if we haven’t done the footwork ourselves. The trouble is that sometimes it’s hard to find the reported stories, so you, the reader, don’t necessarily know what’s original to us.

Today, we’re going to refrain from doing that. Every story in our news feed today will include reporting we’ve done ourselves.

That doesn’t mean every story here today will be a not-previously-reported, totally-new-to-the-world scoop. (Though I hope many of them are!) What it does mean is that if we publish a story here, you can trust that we’ve done some footwork, we’ve picked up the phone and sent emails, we’ve talked to people, and we’re not just rephrasing and analyzing someone else’s blog post.

If you’ve got a story you think we should report on, as always, let us know.

And please let me know what you think of our experiment.

Update: We took photos. We broke newsWe talked to people — including some very sad ones. And we published a couple of interviews, in-depth conference reports, and fun features you won’t find anywhere else. As of 5pm Pacific, we’ve published almost exactly the same number of posts as we do on any other Friday, and our traffic is up.

On any given day, we publish between 35 and 50 posts. The vast majority are reported, tracked back to their sources and confirmed. When we can’t get confirmation, we’re clear about it. Every day of the week.