Yahoo’s new chief executive Marissa Mayer should start unveiling her strategy for righting the struggling Internet giant this week, according to AllThingsD.

Whatever Mayer says to employees at an all-hands meeting scheduled for Tuesday evidently won’t stay quiet for long, based on leaks that have happened to date. Mayer sent out a memo Friday about the planned meeting after two days of her own meetings with Yahoo’s board of directors last week. Mayer reportedly outlined her plans for turning around the company.

The memo is entitled “Board Slides, Strategy, and Goals.” Mayer said, “In an act of radical transparency that will be a tradition moving forward,” Mayer said she will go over the slides she presented to the board last week.

“We want to offer you transparency into what happens at the board level as well as guidance as to where the company is going,” Mayer said.

She is reportedly emphasizing search and ad platforms. She plans a refresh for Yahoo mail and the Yahoo homepage, which generates huge numbers of page views. You can also expect changes to Yahoo’s search deal with Microsoft. In October, Mayer will begin rolling out a new system and process for goals for the company. Yahoo will track annual goals and grade every employee. Mayer has reportedly decided to focus on 10 key areas, such as finance and sports sites, as well as the Flickr photo-sharing site.