Responsive design has become a touchpoint for the mammoth debate between native code champions and mobile web enthusiasts, and Adobe’s just come down clearly on the mobile web side with the announcement of Reflow.

Reflow is Adobe’s Creative Suite-level tool for responsive design. It lets developer/designers pull in images and motion graphics, create HTML divs and CSS styling on the fly, and then quickly adjust sizes and elements for different screen sizes.

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Reflow isn’t launching just yet, but we got this sneak peek at the company’s Create the Web event in San Francisco today. Here’s a look at what Reflow can do:

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Adobe’s other big bid on responsive design is Adobe Edge Inspect, the magical software that lets you check for and fix cross-platofrm, cross-device design and code issues. You may know Inspect by its old code name, Shadow.

top image courtesy of alphaspirit, Shutterstock

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