Brazil startups

Having a big brand behind your startup can do a lot for a company’s name. Pepsi — one of the biggest names in the world — launched an incubator in Brazil today, helping local entrepreneurs create companies, while using their sprightly teams for PepsiCo-brand marketing projects.

The incubator program is called PepsiCo10 and will accept business proposals from students to businessmen who provide “emerging technologies that can be applied to brands to engage consumers in new ways to help drive sales.” The program was originally launched in 2010 in the United States and was later expanded into the United Kingdom and broader Europe.

If you’re interested in submitting your business idea, fill out the form here. The last day to apply is October 27, after which a number of judges will review the submissions through December and choose the first five companies to join the incubator. From there, the five startups will work with a PepsiCo brand, such as Doritos or Gatorade, on a marketing project. A second phase involving the same process will determine the last five companies to be admitted into the program. All those chosen will receive an all-expenses paid trip to New York City for some networking time.

PepsiCo isn’t the only one giving love to the South American country. A number of venture capitalists have also taken interest in Brazil. Well-known venture firms such as Sequoia Capital already have funds dedicated to the country. Redpoint recently announced that it too would launch its own fund targeted at Brazilian startups. The $130 million fund focuses on early-stage companies. Co-founder Mathias Schilling told VentureBeat at the time that Redpoint is particularly interested in commerce companies in Brazil.

The PepsiCo incubator is particularly interested in the sustainability, entertainment, mobile, and retail industries.

DEMO, the product launch conference co-produced by VentureBeat, announced last year that it was holding a conference for burgeoning companies in Brazil as well.

Brazil face image via Shutterstock