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The music industry is in a precarious place. The status quo is crumbling, paradigms are shifting, time-honored institutions are facing new hurdles. From artists to consumers to label execs, everyone’s wondering: what’s next?

The SF MusicTech Summit will  attempt to tackle that question this October. Approaching its eleventh gathering, the Summit brings music’s movers and shakers to San Francisco to do business and discuss the industry’s challenges—as well as potential solutions. Entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, industry vets, and more will once again grace the Hotel Kabuki united by one goal: innovation. These pioneers not only create cutting-edge technology, they develop new ways of thinking about crucial concepts, from music consumption and creation to viable revenue models. They come to do deals, build alliances, generate leads, and have a great time.

It’s fitting that this year’s conference falls during Innovation Month, a celebration of San Francisco’s unique ability to nurture technological game-changers. Even beyond the event itself, the SF MusicTech Summit (and its wider universe of events, SF MusicTech Week) provides ample opportunities for collaboration and forward thinking. From the Startup Challenge, in which fledgling companies vie for a chance to present alongside the Summit’s industry pros, to the SF MusicTech Hack Day which takes place the day before the Summit, to’s Music Startup Academy the day after, the conference always does what it can to foster the thriving music-tech community.

That overarching goal is the SF MusicTech Summit’s true gift. When the music business (and even the ways in which we, as consumers, experience music) so clearly rests on shifting sands, it’s inspiring to see a group of people keeping the faith. These innovators are challenging norms, disrupting industries, and presenting groundbreaking new directions—all on behalf of a shared passion. Music is the thread that connects the YouTube stars, the VCs, the label reps, the developers, the CEOs, the journalists… the list goes on.  The Summit brings these many corners of the industry together, and it’s only together that we can find unique ways to move music forward.

The SF MusicTech Summit takes place October 9th at the Hotel Kabuki. Lend your voice to the discussion, and help transform the music industry. Visit for more information, and click here to sign up with a 20% off VentureBeat Discount.

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