Dropbox just announced a new integration today, and it’s a doozy: Facebook. Starting soon — possibly as early as today — Facebook users can share Dropbox files, pictures, and folders to their friends and contacts in Facebook Groups.

Once you’ve linked your Facebook and Dropbox accounts, you will be able to browse and select files from your Dropbox just as if you were selecting from your own computer and then share them to your group. They’ll immediately show up on your group’s wall, and any updates or changes you make to the documents will automatically be shared to the group as well.

Above: Adding a file from Dropbox to your Facebook group.

Image Credit: Dropbox

This is huge for Dropbox, which in spite of some security missteps has continued to add users at an astounding rate through smart partnerships and bigger, better storage plans.

But I hope they have added plenty of extra storage in anticipation of this integration. Facebook is the mother of all social networks, in the Saddam sense, and if even a fraction of its billion users start using this feature, Dropbox will see a huge influx of new users … and new files.

The feature is rolling out today, and Dropbox says you should see it in Facebook “soon.”

photo credit: ryancr via photopin cc