Here’s a countdown of some of the most interesting new features you’ll notice in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II video trailer for the Zombies cooperative multiplayer mode. Activision Blizzard and its Treyarch studio have cooked up an expansive new world for Zombie co-op play. It’s like a game unto itself. The game arrives Nov. 13 for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

1. The zombies have pretty glowing blue eyes, as if they were wearing Google Glass.

2. You can fight on the bus and run over zombies.

3. Some of the zombies are on fire. That will present some difficulties: You’ll likely find yourself dodging them as you gun ’em down.

4. The Tranzit mode features a map that you can progress through with each round. It takes you to new venues such as a barn, where you can fight.

5. The zombies are crafty; they slide off the roof of the diner to ambush you.

6. You can set up a shield to block zombies and then melee them with it. That saves ammo.

7. Multiple new human characters are playable, including a woman.

8. Don’t get overconfident: The zombies can climb on to the moving bus.

9. Flames, smoke, and fog can obscure the zombies. This won’t help your aim.

10. Clearly, this is a mature-rated game. The fountains of blood are a pretty good clue.