Acer showed off its Windows 8 tablet at Intel’s big Windows 8 tablet press conference today. The Acer tablet has a keyboard so you can use it as a laptop, or you can detach the keyboard and use its touchscreen as a standalone tablet. It’s one of many devices that will be available on Oct. 26, when Microsoft launches its next-generation operating system.

Stephen Smith, an Intel executive, said in an interview with VentureBeat that device makers have a lot of leeway to focus on different kinds of customers. Dell focused on security and manageability for business users, while Acer has put a lot of effort into making its device fast enough for consumers to cruise through Powerpoint slides or render web pages at blazing speeds. The device runs on Intel’s code-named Clover Trail chip, now called the Atom Z2760.

We caught up with Acer’s David Hwang, who demoed the device for us. He noted that the keyboard has a battery with a nine-hour life, while the tablet also has a nine-hour battery. That means that, when operating as a laptop, the device can run for 18 hours. Check out the video below.

Demo of Acer’s Windows 8 tablet from VentureBeat on Vimeo.