Google is famous for super-smart geeks working crazy hours while taking advantage of the company’s massive perks: free food, free rides, free bikes, and free on-site health care.

But all those crazy hours take their toll, despite the perks, and that stress has to come out somewhere. Lucky for us, Googlers find an outlet in sarcastic humor, which BuzzFeed captured just a few days ago. Google’s intranet has a meme generator that employees put to good use, poking fun at both competitors and the company itself.

One highlights former Googler Marrisa Mayer, now chief executive of Yahoo, as “Accomplished tech leader … finally leading a non-profit.” (Mayer, by the way, just unveiled her plan to save Yahoo.)

Another shows a Facebook stock quote at $19.99, down four percent on the day, with a “Gonna party like it’s” title.

But the internal memesters are not above poking fun at their own company and keeping themselves honest. One shows Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster with a caption: “Please report all cookies for an immediate and thorough review!” Besides being funny, it’s a clear reference to Google’s privacy breaches with Safari and Internet Explorer.

Another, perhaps by a Googler unimpressed with the company’s own thin-client Chomebooks, shows a roomful of men doubled-over and laughing at the prospect of making interns use the machines full-time.

This is perhaps somewhat unfair, given that Chromebooks have recently been updated, and are now available at fairly low prices.

But perhaps the funniest — and the most cutting — is another that seems to be referring to Yahoo yet again, and the former web giant’s seeming inability to retain a chief executive for longer than a year or so.

That one is just ouch.

Check out the entire gallery at BuzzFeed.

Image credits: photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc, BuzzFeed