Total War Team Fortress 2

Sega of America is teaming up with Steam to celebrate one of the remaining few active franchises in the publisher’s stable.

This weekend on Valve’s digital-distribution service, the entire catalog of the turn-based strategy series Total War is 25 percent off. Special 24-hour deals will pop up on tonight through Sunday, offering even more savings.

Anyone who purchases anything during the sales period will also get some Total War-themed items for Valve’s free-to-play first-person shooter Team Fortress 2.

“We thought that a great way of marking the release of the first Rome II gameplay vid would be to highlight the classic that really made Total War the series it is today,” Sega’s vice president of digital distribution, John Clark, said in a press release. “So for the first 24 hours of our Total War weekend, you’ll be able to pick up the original Rome: Total War for just $1.”

Sega is currently developing Total War: Rome II and expects to release the strategy-war game for PC in 2013.