As far as user milestones go, 20,000 is usually nothing to boast about. But for, a nascent for-charge social platform, the modest achievement means the company can reduce its prices. is a Twitter-like social network where consumers pay to post in an ad-free environment. It’s also a framework that allows developers to not only build applications as they see fit but also make some moolah in the process. The service launched in beta two months ago following a successful Kickstarter-style funding campaign.

“The membership of is just about to cross the 20,000 user level, which creates some economies of scale for us,” founder and CEO Dalton Caldwell penned in a blog post. “Because of this momentum and scale, we’ve decided to introduce a couple of updates to our pricing model.”

From here on out, members can opt to pay $5 per month or $36 a year. Previously, the startup offered one member-tier plan that cost $50 per year. Members who paid the $50 free are being gifted a few additional months of service.

Unfortunately for developers, who pay $100 per year to build applications, the discounts aren’t open to them. Last week, however, the company rolled out a developer incentive program to begin rewarding the best app-markers with cash for their machinations.

There are currently 10 iOS apps, three Android applications, one Windows Phone app, four Mac desktop clients, and several browser plugins, Caldwell said.

Photo credit: timparkinson/Flickr