While some big names claim that Windows 8 will “ruin” the PC, cloud-gaming company Agawi is treating the updated operating system as an opportunity for developers.

Agawi, which is a clever acronym for “any game anywhere instantly,” provides content-streaming solutions for publishers and online retailers. With the imminent launch of Windows 8, the cloud-technology service provider is planning a game-partnership program where it will promote social titles and browser-based massively multiplayer online games in its own Agawi app.

Alongside this new announcement, the company is touting its long-standing solutions for instantly porting games to new platforms using its streaming tech. Agawi can port games within its ecosystem from PC to tablet or phone.

“After teaming up with Microsoft and leveraging Windows Azure for cloud gaming, we’re excited to bring developers to the Windows 8 platform with the Agawi Game Partnership Gold program,” Agawi co-founder and executive chairman Peter Relan said in a press release. “It’s a great opportunity for web-based mid-core and MMO game developers to make the leap over to mobile and tablet-based gaming.”

The Agawi Game Partner program (AGP) is designed to bring mid-level games to Windows 8. The company is promising that developers who hop on board early will get the added advantage of a featured spot in the Windows 8-optimized Agawi app when the new OS launches on October 26.