Capcom took gaming publicity stunts to a new level this weekend, opening a human butcher shop in London’s historic Smithfield Market to promote its action/horror game Resident Evil 6, due for release Oct. 2.

The “Wesker and Son” store opened to the public on Friday and Saturday, selling human hands, feet, thigh steaks, and lemon-flavored sausages. At least that’s what it said on the shop board, placed carefully to intrigue and attract passers-by.

In reality, the store contained a mixture of stage props and animal meat alongside meat sculptures created by artist Sharon Baker. Baker created a full-size organic sculpture of herself for the event, but it was dismembered and disposed of in black trash bags after it began to smell rancid. The human hands and feet — made from a mixture of sausage meat and prosciutto — fared better and were actually being sold with all proceeds going to the Limbless Association.

I visited Wesker and Son on Saturday morning and grabbed some photographs of the horrors on display, which are in the gallery below. While some images could prove upsetting, and are possibly NSFW, please rest assured that no real human body parts are actually on display.

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