It’s well-known by this point that we’re watching more and more content on devices that aren’t the television. But where are our eyeballs worth the most?

That’s the question ratings company Nielsen aims to answer with Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings, a new product that allows brands to measure and compare the effectiveness of ad campaigns on television and online.

Early partners for the program represent traditional media (ESPN), social networking (Facebook), digital video (Hulu) and consumer goods (Ben & Jerry’s owner Unilever). Clearly, Nielsen is making a point of showing that a wide range of companies can benefit from its ratings comparisons.

Measuring ad effectiveness will allow these companies to more rapidly adjust where their money goes — a very powerful proposition for any company trying to avoid wasting cash on ineffective advertisement campaigns.

According to Nielsen’s latest Cross-Platform Report, Americans on average watch 35 hours of video each week. That’s a lot of eyeballs watching a whole lot of television.

Photo: Scott Macklin/Flickr