Netflix ipad Kids UI

Streaming video service Netflix has a vast selection of movies and television shows, the majority of which probably aren’t appropriate for younger children or require supervision.

For that reason, the company has created its own “Just For Kids” user interface, which Netflix is making available on its iPad app today.

The Just For Kids UI takes all the child-friendly content (appropriate for ages 12 and under) in Netflix’s library and dumps it into a simplistic interface. Images are brighter and larger, to put stuff like Dora The Explorer and Spectacular Spider-Man front and center. Parents can toggle on the new UI by clicking the button in the upper left hand side of the Netflix app’s screen. This is undoubtedly a win for anyone who’d like to keep their kids occupied by handing them an iPad.

The move is sure to be popular with parents and children. And on the business end, Netflix is undoubtedly looking for another way to add value to its service. The company can only increase the number of titles in its library so much before it stops adding value, so making its streaming service more versatile for the whole family makes sense.

The Netflix Just For Kids UI is already available on iPad 2 and 3. The company said it will come to the original iPad and Android-powered tablets in the near future. Check out a video demo below for a closer look at the UI.