Zaxxon Escape for iOS and Android

Sega’s isometric arcade shooter Zaxxon is 30 years old. You know what that means?

Well, first it means that you’re either ancient (if you remember it) or just a baby (if you don’t.) Second, it means that we’re due for an update. Sega had a couple of options and decided to forgo the big-budget reboot in favor of a modest 3D shooter designed for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Zaxxon Escape is the logical followup to the first game. In the original, players flew their colorful ships into a fortress cleverly titled Zaxxon. Now, players must escape that same stronghold. No word yet on whether the story will touch on the psychological effects of being a prisoner of war for 30 years.

The big news, or bad news if you’re one of the seven Zaxxon purists, is that this new shooter will have nothing to do with a three-quarters isometric view. Sega went with a behind-the-ship camera that should make aiming a tad bit easier than it was in the arcade classic.

Here’s a look at Sega’s teaser announcement of Zaxxon Escape:

Sega has announced no date or price.