Call Tom Nook and tell him that I’m going to be a few bells short on my rent this month ’cause I gotta get me one of these new Animal Crossing Nintendo 3DSes.

In an announcement on the company’s official Japanese website, Nintendo gave fans a deeper look into its plans for the holiday. One of those includes a 3DS with a paint job inspired by the open-world social-simulating Animal Crossing 3DS. Both the game and the system are set to debut November 8.

The system’s designers dotted a handful of simple Animal Crossing icons onto a white unit. It looks very clean and fun and should be a hit with the fans of the beloved title.

I asked Nintendo of America about the possibility of this 3DS making it to North America, but a response is unlikely before tomorrow morning. Even if NOA is planning to bring this adorable unit stateside, it won’t do so before Animal Crossing’s tentative first-half of 2013 release date.

Nintendo also announced special-edition 3DSes for Monster Hunter Tri G and New Super Mario Bros. 2. Each bundle will include their respective game digitally on the packed-in SD card.