Facebook’s Help Center has just gotten a heck of a facelift.

Where once were boring (and sometimes confusing) text links, we now see colorful buttons, the better to guide you around Facebook’s many resources for privacy, safety, bug-reporting, and expressing general outrage about the Timeline UI.

Check it out. Here’s the old, sad, boring Help Center:

Next! And here’s the new, simplified, colorful, easy-to-navigate Help Center:

Ah, much better! The new design groups all Facebook-related meta-knowledge into six major topics for Facebook users. It also highlights a few of the more common questions users have, along with answers, or course.

Along with the new, improved UI, Facebook is also rolling out its support dashboard to all international users.

In an emailed statement, Facebook chief privacy officer Erin Egan said, “Both of these tools aim to provide the people who use our service with access to the information they need from Facebook as quickly and as efficiently as possible. These resources demonstrate our commitment to transparency and our continued effort to ensure that the people who use Facebook can create the experience that is right for them.”

The new Help Center will feature information based on how you use the site. For example, if you can’t login to your profile, you might see password resetting tips. Or if you’ve never logged in, you might see information on how to set up a new account.

The support dashboard helps you keep track of profiles and images you report as inappropriate or abusive; it looks like this:


The dashboard was originally launched just a few months ago in April 2012. Now, it’s finally available to all Facebook users under the Settings menu. “From your Support Dashboard you can see when we review your report, what action we took and why we took that action,” we read this morning on the company blog. “We’ll also send you a notification when the status of your report changes.”