Since its public launch in 2007, Google’s Gmail has continued to rapidly add features that make our email lives easier. Now you can add another feature that list: the ability to search inside attachments that have been sent to you.

Gmail is one of the top three email services on the planet, and it claims to have more than 425 million monthly active users, while comScore pegs it at 289 million users. Its chief competition is Microsoft’s (formerly Hotmail) and Yahoo Mail, both of which also continue to improve greatly over time.

To search attachments such as .doc, .pdf, and .ppt in your Gmail, add the prefix “has:attachment” before your search query. You can also limit your search to a certain file type by adding “has:attachment filename:extension” (“has:attachment filename:pdf” for example) to your string.

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Google Operating System, which first noticed the feature addition, notes that some older attachments may not necessarily be indexed yet.

Photo credit: Google