After seeing Cobie Smulder’s impressive turn as agent Maria Hill in The Avengers film, it’s hard not to imagine the How I Met Your Mother star stepping into Commander Shepard’s N7 armor should a live-action Mass Effect film ever come to fruition. Reddit user rasmusir felt the same way and provided the image above to make for an even more compelling argument.

Unfortunately, while Mass Effect is supposed to be about about creating and piloting your own Shepard, developer Bioware was quick to establish a generic male Shepard as the default and canonical player character. Luckily, we’ve got this Photoshop of Nicolas Cage, should anyone argue against Smulders as the go-to MovieShep. Although, she’d have to have red hair, glowing red scars, and be renegade as **** to match my own Shepard. But this is a good start.