The Resident Evil franchise has a lot of tropes. Most of them, such as locked doors and puzzle-solving, have been around since the very first game hit the PlayStation nearly two decades ago. But over the years, and to the dismay of die-hard fans, the series has traded in its survival-horror badge for a more Army of Two-esque, action-oriented, co-op experience. So why, for the love of Cthulhu, can Leon still not overcome a simple locked gate?! He is literally armed to the teeth with weapons and explosives — if this were The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, he would be overburdened and slowly trudging his way toward a town 5 miles in the distance just so he doesn’t have to drop anything.

Alongside his partner, Helena, Leon is often seen kicking down locked gates with relative ease and frequency. But whenever the developers want you to go search for a key (or three) or solve some Myst-like puzzle that makes no freaking sense, doors and gates in Resident Evil 6 become imbued with some magical, impenetrable property that prevents you from jumping over it. Some of these barriers are so demure and unsuspecting that one could probably lean on it to catch their breath and fall over it.

But here I am, trying to make sense of Resident Evil 6. While Destructoid’s several-thousand word review effectively and exhaustively nails down the game’s many flaws, the above image, by Daily Drawing artist Angela Song, pretty much sums it all up.