After trading numerous blows with apartment mapping service PadMapper, popular classifieds site Craigslist has started to roll out its own “map view” of apartments listed on its site.

In June, Craigslist blocked PadMapper from scraping its apartment rental listings and placing them on top of Google Maps. Then in July, when PadMapper found a “legally kosher” way to access Craigslist postings using data collection service 3taps, Craiglist sued PadMapper and 3taps. Recently, 3taps countersued Craiglist “to save the Internet.”

Now Craigslist has decided to do mapping on its own, most likely prompted by the many folks around the web that were ticked off at losing access to PadMapper’s Craiglist listings. The new service works similarly to PadMapper, but it is powered by Leaflet’s JavaScript tool and uses information from OpenStreetMap.

Craigslist’s map view can be used in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Ann Arbor, MI. The service works decently well, although it can be a little buggy at times. We hope Craigslist expands the service to many other metropolitan areas shortly.

We’ve sent a note to Craigslist to find out more about the mapping service.

h/t The Next Web

Photo via Craigslist