First-party Nintendo developer Intelligent Systems unleashed Pushmo, the secret best 3DS eShop game, in December 2011. Now the devilish little puzzler is getting a sequel.

Crashmo should hit your 3DS’s digital-download service on Nov. 22, and it won’t just be a “Pushmo 2.” In Pushmo, players save village children by pushing and pulling blocks to ascend a structure. Crashmo features new gravity-based mechanics and new gameplay gadgets like floating blocks.

Of course, Crashmo will also include the beloved puzzle-creation tool that was so popular in the original game. A quick Google Image search for “Pushmo” reveals endless creative puzzles based on other games and popular-culture icons.

Players created all kinds of crazy levels and used the game’s QR-code feature to share them across the web.

Intelligent Systems is the Nintendo team responsible for a number of the publisher’s most critically acclaimed titles. It’s best known for developing the Advance Wars and Fire Emblem franchises across the company’s multiple handheld and home consoles. Nintendo is releasing Paper Mario Sticker Star, the studio’s next role-playing game,¬†on Nov. 11 for the 3DS.