Windows Phone 8 invite

Microsoft is holding at least two notable events related to new product launches at the end of the month, according to invitations the company sent to VentureBeat today.

The first event coincides with the retail release of Windows 8 operating system on Oct. 25 in New York City. The invite doesn’t contain many details, but it looks like an all day event to “celebrate” Windows 8. Presumably, CEO Steve Ballmer and other executives will show off the new OS piece-by-piece and maybe highlight some of the other new products and services coming as part of the launch, such as the Surface Tablets, Xbox Music, and more. The new OS goes on sale the following day.

The second event, scheduled for Oct. 29 in San Francisco, is focused on Windows Phone 8, confirming earlier rumors. While we’ve already seen a demo of the mobile OS, the company promises to announce further Windows Phone 8 details. Microsoft hardware partners Nokia and HTC have already held their own Windows 8 smartphone events, with their respective devices scheduled to hit stores in November.

Windows 8 event invite