Despite what you may think, we journalists actually know a thing or two about the topics we cover. Bing really gets that, as the number two search engine now features our names as experts alongside your search results.

Friday, Bing updated the “People Who Know” section within the sidebar to include a list of news authors who are experts in the topics of your queries.

“Now, when you search for a topic, authors who frequently write articles related to your query will appear alongside other experts and enthusiasts in the sidebar,” Nathan Penner of the Bing News Team wrote in a blog post. “Hover over the person’s name to learn more about them, see their top articles related to your query, or link to their Twitter page.”

Bing introduced the new search sidebar in May. The Facebook-connected entity, somewhat akin to Google’s Search Plus Your World, “socially enhances” search by connecting you to Facebook friends, experts, and now journalists who can help provide answers to your queries.

Friday’s update gives journalists a little additional exposure and seems to be Bing’s answer to Google’s approach, which is to feature news authors’ avatars and Google+ profiles in-line with search results. In a world that rewards writers with the largest audiences, every little bit helps.

Search image via Shutterstock