Hum a Song_3

There I am, standing in the bathtub humming Material Girl.

Actually, that’s not unusual for me, but this time I’m humming into my iPhone. I’m in the tub because I’ve locked myself in the bathroom out of fear that my roommate will hear me. Yup. That’s me playing Hum a Song.

Hum a Song_1Hum a Song by Hibernum Creations is a new app for iOS that puts you up against other players in a fight for who has the best vocal chords and musical ear. Players are given a number of songs — all provided by the iTunes Store — in a range of categories, such as ’80s, theme songs, and classic rock.

You select a song, record yourself humming it, and send it to the other player who then has to guess the name of the song you were trying to re-create. It feels like a musical take on Draw Something. It’s definitely not for the shy, and everyone will hate you if can’t carry a tune. It’s possible to cheat by saying the song’s name in the recording, but what fun would that be?

Hum a Song can match you up with a random player, which is probably a better idea since you’ll never have to look these people in the face again. If you’re feeling brave, you can match up with a Facebook friend so long as he has downloaded the app. Selecting a buddy who doesn’t have it will send him an app request through the social network. Just be warned that most might chicken out when they learn the rules.

Players will find themselves humming into their iPhones — often reluctantly — to the tune of songs, like the theme from Cheers, as they kiss any last ounce dignity goodbye, but some may have fun doing it.

Hum a Song is available now on Apple’s App Store.