Sega is going to make a new Sonic game for your mobile phone.

Above: Sonic Jump from 2007 for feature phones

Image Credit: VentureBeat

The publisher posted a blog on its official website with an image for Sonic Jump along with the words:

New Sonic Jump coming to mobile soon.

The blog featured no other details. We’re contacting Sega to get more information about the new game.

A previous Sonic Jump game does exist. The developer released it around 2007 for mobile feature phones (the dumber cousins of smartphones). It played a lot like the popular smartphone game Doodle Jump, where players bounce a wildly jumping Sonic from platform to platform in an attempt to travel as high as possible.

Again, the blog contains no details, but the “new Sonic Jump” wording suggests that this is a sequel to that previous mobile release.

Sega is in a transitional period. It drastically pulled back its American operations in March. It canceled all games that weren’t Sonic the Hedgehog, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Total War, or Football Manager.

But recently, Sega’s mobile-game division has become more active. This is the second game announcement in as many weeks, with Zaxxon Escape, a sequel to the classic arcade shooter, also in the works for iPhone and Android.