Between Guardian Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, and Nights into Dreams HD on Xbox Live Arcade, fans of the Sega Saturn now have access to some of the most memorable 32-bit games of all time at the touch of a button. Well, probably a couple of buttons, but it’s a lot easier than actually digging out your Saturn. Plus, all three games come with improved graphics and expanded features, such as Achievements and online leaderboards.

The Sega Saturn had a plethora of unusual games that were great then and would be a welcome change of pace in the current cookie-cutter, sequel-crazy industry, where even Call of Duty is cloning Call of Duty. The following are some of Gamesbeat’s top choices, along with some honorable mentions that were excellent games on their own but are probably best remembered and not resurrected.

Keep in mind that these are mostly platform-exclusive originals, so you won’t find any Street Fighter titles on the list, for example.

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