Allegations of cheating has disrupted theĀ $2 million League of Legends world playoffs.

The allegations surfaced on a community thread where observers noticed that the stage setup made it easy for teams to cheat. Players on opposing teams were reportedly able to just turn their heads and sneak a peek at the opposing team’s minimap, which gave away its positions. It seems like a silly mistake to make, given that $2 million is on the line. Observers of the livestream said they saw players looking at the screen to observe their rivals’ moves on the minimap.

Massively reported that the match organizer replied, “We keep a constant watch on all the players on stage at all times. We have cameras as well as live people walking onto stage to keep tabs in everything. All players are told that they need to remain sitting, facing forward, and with headphones on at all times, including during pauses. I can personally confirm that no WE player looked at the minimap at any point during the match.”