This sponsored post is produced by CrowdConf 2012. 

Most would agree that crowdsourcing is more than a buzzword or a trend; it’s a proven scalable business solution that’s disrupting the way work is done. But just three years ago, when we launched CrowdConf, we could hardly find a single customer to talk at the conference. Which makes this year’s event a great milestone for the industry as we welcome numerous Fortune 500 companies, like eBay, Google and Twitter, to the center stage.

There has been a transformation in the response big companies are having to crowdsourcing solutions and their willingness to talk about it publicly. Skepticism is falling silent as enterprises share their success stories and validate the space.

So what’s changed? Why is this the year we are seeing major brand names join in the conversation? While we would like to take the credit, a lot has happened in the past three years to make CrowdConf the world’s largest crowdsourcing event. Early adopters are not as shy to come forward with case studies and testimonials because many are realizing that sharing these lessons positions them as thought leaders in one of the fastest growing technology sectors. While crowdsourcing may be the “secret sauce” for certain businesses, the secret isn’t going to be kept quiet much longer, as more and more companies openly turn to crowdsourcing to solve their business challenges.

When we started CrowdConf, it was hard to imagine the potential this conference would have on the industry as we opened up the first organized forum for crowdsourcing discussions. Now in its third year, no other event attracts this size and breath of people to talk about the issues crowdsourcing is facing. From the two-person bootstrapped team to global massive enterprises, to academics and data scientists, to VC’s and investors, to media and analysts, CrowdConf is a chance to learn, share and network. We hope to see you there and join in the conversation that is shaping the future of work.

CrowdConf takes place on October 23 at Mission Bay Conference Center. Visit for more information and click here for a 25% discount off your ticket.

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